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Permanent Jewelry, it's NOT What You think!

Permanent jewelry. Maybe you have heard the term, maybe you haven't yet, but you will. Most people instantly have images of gems imbedded into skin pop up when they hear the term. "Body piercing? Is that what you do?" No, trust me, this is something you, are at least some of your friends, are going to want. No matter your lifestyle!

Permanent jewelry is chain jewelry; bracelets, necklaces, anklets and the like, that are custom cut to length for each customer. Gems, charms, or decorative connectors can be added and customized depending on your style and price point. Here is where it's different than anything you've done before.... instead of having a clasp, it's welded closed on you! Yes, welded. This jewelry stays on 24-7. You never take it off & because of this they are often done in honor of a relationship. The "friendship bracelet" & "promise ring" are reborn! Matching bracelets in memory of a special day, or family member whose passed. A timeless symbol of a promise made, or best friends or a display of birthstones of your children or grandchildren, always close to your heart. This forever bracelet can be whatever you hold near & dear.

Different gemstones have meaning & power steeped in years of tradition & folklore. I have made a list of various common goals and the stones that are said to bring those intentions into our lives. Maybe you don't believe in such things, but most believe in the power of positive thinking. What could possibly be a better reminder of said goal than a constant visual reminder? A bracelet that you never take off! Every time you look at it or feel it, that goal pops into your head & you will that goal into fruition.


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